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Specimen Lake

Welcome to our Specimen Lake which has Carp up to 35lb, with 4 known fish over 30lb. Most of the stock are between 15lb – 24lb, the lake can be fantastic run water with a good chance of catching one of our larger residents. The lake has had additional stock introduced every winter from 2017 with fish from VS Fisheries and our own stock ponds. Please see Carp Gallery to view some of the A-Team and other uniquely scaled fish. This is an intermediate water designed for accurate margin fishing with plenty of features to fish including lilies, reed-lined margins and overhanging willows. Depths range from 3ft to 15ft with 10 designated swims to choose from.

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Specimen Lake - Bookings taken through Swimbooker 

Bookings are required

Specimen lake has 10 pegs however we only allow 6 anglers on at any one time to allow for greater swim choice, options to move and enhance experience.

On booking you will be paying a £15.00 deposit via swimbooker and then the balance of your fishing on arrival. Prices are £15.00 per 12 hours fishing.

Lake Exclusive Bookings

Minimum 48hrs Up to 6 anglers £360 per 48hrs. Contact Bailiff, email or book through Swimbooker

£90 per additional 12 hours

£50 Deposit Secures Booking

Tickets 7am until 7pm

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£15 for 2 Rods per person (12 hours)
£30 for 2 Rods per person (24 hours)

£15 for 2 rods per extra 12 hours

Maximum of 2 rods per person

Gates open 7am until 9pm, during the winter gates will open at 8am and close at 6pm

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• All equipment must be bone dry before entering the fishery.

•  Bait Boats ARE permitted
• Photographing / Fish care; all Carp must be photographed over a cradle or unhooking mat
• Fish should not be lifted above knee height.
• All anglers must use a suitable recovery weighsling, cradle/unhooking mat and landing net.
• No keepnets
• Rods must not be left unattended at any time.
• Barbless hooks only. No bent hooks
• Minimum of 10lb breaking strain to be used on Specimen Lake.
• No Braided mainline except spod or marker rods
• No permanently fixed leads or bolt rigs. All leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged.

• All fish to be returned to water ASAP after weighing and photographing
• Anglers supply management photos of fish over 20lb's
• All Anglers must hold a valid Environment Agency Licence.
• All cars must be parked in designated areas.
• Gates will open at dawn and close at dust.
• No litter. Anglers are responsible for removing their litter, which must be removed from the site.
• No excessive drinking of alcohol.
• No Generators.
• No BBQs on the grass.
• Anyone found breaking this rule will be asked to leave & banned for life!  

Gates open 7am until 9pm, during the winter gates will open at 8am and close at 6pm

Specimen Lake

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