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Two great lakes.
One great location.

Gates open 7am until 9pm, during the winter gates will open at 8am and close at 6pm. Blind Lane Fisheries comprises of two lakes supplying a great variation of fish suitable for all anglers. Both Lakes are surrounded and enclosed by natural wildlife to provide a scenic viewing. It is a peaceful and tranquil way to spend your day. Recent modifications have improved the swims, with easy access from the car park with a ramp leading to the Lakes to ensure access is available to all Anglers. Our Specimen Lake is just under 3.5 acres in size with the smaller Match Lake being around 2.5 acres. The lake has had additional stock introduced every winter from 2017 with fish from VS Fisheries and our own stock ponds with 80 plus double figure Carp being introduced alongside 15 20lb+ carp. This is accompanied by yearly removal of silvers and smaller carp to ensure the biomass is correct for steady growth. We have 6 known fish over 30lb

New stock fish 2_edited.jpg
New stock fish 1_edited.jpg
Blind lane fisheries map only_edited.jpg
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